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"Open standard ecosystem
Broad language support (C++, Objective-C, Lua and HTML5)
Juice technology to release iOS developers"

About Marmalade SDK

Advanced cross-platform tool

  • Open and flexible abstraction platform
  • Able to be run on various platforms (including mobiles, tablets, smart TVs, desktops) via C++ single code base

Designed for teams and individuals of all scales

  • Developers deploy their code from a single code base
  • Built on an open standards C++ and OpenGL ES foundation

Marmalade supports a broad, open partner network

  • Developers can choose the technologies that fit their needs

About Marmalade Juice

Rapidly recompiles iOS games for Android and beyond

  • Removes the need to manually port code away from Objective-C, saving porting time
  • Unlocks legacy iOS-only applications
  • Fast conversion - Objective-C and iOS API calls re-targeted
  • High performance without overhead of virtual machine or transcoding
  • Adds Marmalade support for ‘clang’ compiler, Core Apple APIs & Xcode / iOS configuration files
  • Fully open architecture
  • Apply Android-specific optimisations within original codebase
  • Major components are all open source

About Marmalade Quick

Rapid 2D development

  • Build games quickly, no need to use C++
  • Creates in Lua, rapid scripting language
  • Open source and extendable if needed
  • Broad API base:
  • 2D graphics, animation, fonts, vector shapes, particles, scene transitions, physics, audio, databases, web-views, networking, Facebook ads, analytics, cross-platform billing
  • Uses popular frameworks including Cocos2d-x & Box2D
  • Integrated with ZeroBrane IDE for debugging
  • Free with all Marmalade licence types
Bridging License
Supported PlatformsiOS, Android, Windows Desktop, Windows Phone 8, Windows Store, Tizen,
Blackberry, MacOSX, Connected TV Platforms
Access to SDK
Native extension
Customization of splash screen
On-device debugging
Forum support×
Subscription of support tickets×
Response time×
Number of given tickets per license×
  • ※One-time purchase for permanent use
  • ※One license for one development device
  • ※No future plan for version upgrade
  • ※Technical support is not provided.
  • ※Bug fix will provide until Mar 31, 2018
  • ※Account registration is not required.
  • ※Free trial is not available
  • ※Previous Marmalade plans are no longer available
  • ※Bridging license requires SDK ver 8.8 and later